About Us

William PeschekWEP FILMS, led by William Peschek, operate as an independent production and distribution company. We develop scripts, produce and distribute nationally and internationally as well as provide management services for co-production ventures in the UK and Germany.

Our main aim is to create high quality productions at low-end costs to serve a growing market in the innovative independent production sector. WEP FILMS' mission is to invest in content and also in young talent - behind the camera as well as in front of it.

WEP Productions

WEP Productions based in Hessen, Germany, was founded in 1997 in Berlin with its prime aim to develop TV series and TV movies. After some years founder, producer and director William Peschek diversified the company's activities by producing corporate videos and offering production and financing services for international producers. WEP Productions re-launched in 2008 with new strategic measures:

  1. To produce high quality independent short films and feature-length films (micro- to low budget projects)
  2. To act as the distribution partner for WEP UK Productions
  3. To offer production services in Germany for independent international production companies
  4. To seek co-production partnerships for independent productions

Contact:    info@wepfilms.com

Project History:

News, Sport & Current Affairs Projects
Olympic Games 2012
Paralymics Games 2012

Corporate Videos & Music Videos Development, Production & Financing Services
Europäische Schule RheinMain
Interactive Intelligence
Europa Park
A Loss For Victory (feature film in development)
The Tempist (script development)
The Winterlake

WEP UK Productions

WEP UK Productions based in Reading was founded in 2008 with its prime aim to produce low budget commercials, music videos and educational films as well as documentaries and drama productions. WEP UK Productions' mission is to independently produce a serious of high quality entertaining short films and low budget feature films, besides catering to the demand of an ever-growing corporate/promotional video market. In 2009 WEP UK Productions signed a partnership with WEP Productions whereby WEP Productions will act as a sales agent for numerous projects. WEP UK Productions also coordinates the various tasks of the Cinefuture Group.

Contact:    infouk@wepfilms.com

Project History:

Corporate Videos & Music Videos Development & Production
Book Fair
The Gardener
Passport to Academic Presentations
Dessert Crash (feature film in development)
Juncture (short film)

William Peschek

William Peschek started his television and film career in 1988 working as a director on various commercials in Melbourne, Australia. After a few years working as camera assistant and cameraman on news and current affairs programmes in Berlin, Germany, he started directing local news programmes for broadcasters like SFB and WDR in 1993. However his ambition was always to work in television drama and he soon began to direct episodes for the acclaimed daily TV series 'Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten' on RTL. Offers followed to work on the TV series 'So ist das Leben, die Wagenfelds' for the broadcaster Sat 1. His creative producer career began in 1998 where he worked on various international European TV projects including the implementation of the Teletubbies programme in Germany and producing the children's series 'Die Sonnenlanze'. Soon after these ventures William Peschek started working for UFA International, a division that specialised in big budget TV series productions and TV movies like 'Catherine the Great' for the Anglo-American and German market.

Besides working for companies as a creative producer or producer, he also developed his own projects and served as a consultant for co-production financing partners via his company WEP Productions in Germany. In 2008 he expanded his production activities in the UK founding WEP UK Productions. He is also actively involved with young filmmakers in the UK and Germany through his lecturing commitments.