Traditional Financing

Private Equity
Private equity is the producer's own money invested by the producer in a project. 'Own money' is considered to be cash, assets from the producer and any soft money arranged with parties without the expectancy of a return of investment from the producer.


Private Investors
A private investor invests directly in the project with a minimum expectation of a return of investment.


A TV broadcaster can invest in a project either by fully commissioning it or by acting as a co-producer. In the case of commissioning — such as with TV-Movies — the broadcaster hires the services of the producer to produce the project on their behalf. In the case of a broadcaster being a co-producer the broadcaster acquires the rights for airing the project in their country.


Government Film Fund
In the UK the best example of a government film-funding body (funded also by the public) is the support by the national lottery fund governed by the BFI. Their mission is to partly finance and help finance projects made by UK filmmakers.


Media Funds
Media Funds invest into film projects of a high quality, and can act as distributors as well.


Some banks specialise in film guarantees and co-investments up to 20%. This means that the remaining 80% of the budget must come from other financing sources.


Distributor/Sales Agent
A sales agent or distributor can help to sell the project either nationally or internationally. A part of the sales income - the 'pre-sale' revenue - can be used for financing the film.


WEP FILMS always welcomes people and organisations that would like to sponsor us to achieve our mission. Sponsorship money will be used to develop and produce projects by WEP FILMS, and through the involvement of the WEP Cinefuture Group, it will finance new talents working in the media industry. Sponsors can either receive an end film credit or remain un-credited, if they wish. WEP FILMS accepts any amount of sponsorship.


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The Internet has opened a new way of communication, experiencing audio and visual material in an instant. WEP FILMS wants to contribute to this new growing platform by creating its own online community channel with individual content only accessible for members of WEP FILMS Sales.


WEP FILMS intends to create a new film platform. These films (short films, feature films and documentaries) are produced for members only. Besides films being shown at film festivals and a few selected outlets the audience can see these productions only by becoming a member of the WEP FILMS Sales website. We are currently preparing and consulting with various content suppliers besides providing own moving image productions.


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