Our distribution arm embraces various genre films, especially films that tell unique stories and films told by young and experienced emerging filmmakers in the Co-Production field.


You Will Remember Me
Edouard, a public figure and retired history teacher, is slowly losing his memory. Accustomed to speaking in public, he has to keep a low profile, even if he believes he still has a lot to say. And since no one can look after him, he is placed in the care of Bérénice, a young girl who is a little rebellious and lost. Their encounter leads Edouard to revisit a chapter of his personal history that he wanted to forget, and Bérénice to find meaning in her life.


Taylor, a 13-year-old abused boy, discovers and befriends Jim, a criminal chained in an abandoned warehouse. At first Taylor, a budding organic gardener, takes care of Jim, but after a brutal betrayal Taylor begins to abuse his prisoner in order to find out where Jim has hidden stolen money. Taylor dreams of using the money to buy an organic farm with his girlfriend Nora, escaping his abusive home life. Meanwhile, the angry and violent victims of Jim's crimes are closing in, and Taylor is in over his head. They suspect that Taylor's father, Pete, an often shady cop, knows where Jim is. Now Taylor has not only put his own life in danger, but also those of Jim, his father and his beloved Nora.


Trym, the young troll prince, embarks a quest with his friends after his father, King Grom, has turned to stone in the evil spirited forest. A wild and dangerous journey across the troll kingdom of Ervod expects him as he tries to rescue his father’s life.


The lonely widower Angus has been dreaming his whole life of going on a journey into space. When the successful businessman Marcus organises a competition and raffles a place on the first commercial space flight, Angus wants to participate. The problem: The age limit is 65 and Angus, who is over 70 years old and has already suffered from bad health, shouldn't actually do it. So he lies about his age and even makes it among the final candidates...


My Pretend Fiance
Can a white lie get out of control and lead to a total disaster? Or maybe just as everything falls apart in life, it's possible to put it back into place again? Karina is doing her best to have the first happy relationship ever. Unfortunately, the man to whom she gave her heart, seems to be more interested in himself than her. One unforeseen event and one little lie will change Karina's organized life into an emotional and hilarious roller-coaster. It soon turns out that other people around Karina have their little secrets, too. When the truth comes out, everyone will have to finally put their relationships and in their hearts in order.


Emilia is a child of divorce from Helsinki. She goes to school, lives with her Mom and sometimes her Dad, and her life couldn’t be more ordinary. But one day, Emilia’s pet guinea pig bites her finger, giving her the secret ability to transform into a furry superhero, who can fly and solve problems. Meanwhile the herrings in the nearby Baltic Sea bay are screaming for help, because their water has been poisoned. As Super Furball, Emilia decides to help them and finds ways to be more courageous in her own life. Super Furball is a story of courage, friendship, being different, caring for the environment and the wonderful things life can throw at you. The movie is freely based on Paula Noronen’s children’s books.


Rock n Roll Eddie
Two kids bring in a rock-and-roll fugitive from another world pursued by merciless bounty hunters, and in order to save his life they have to find a way to send him back to where he came from.