JETS Initiative

The JETS Initiative (Junior Entertainment Talent Slate) is the joined effort of the film & TV industry, the government film funding organisations and the private investment sector to create coproduction opportunities for the selected emerging projects. Besides encouraging various financing strategies and new partnerships for a global film market, the JETS Initiative has become a global network for co-productions aimed at emerging filmmakers and filmmakers with less experience in feature film productions under co-production terms.


Our proud years of the JETS Initiative bringing various international filmmakers together.

Winners of the 2023 JETS Initiative were:
Manuel Wetscher & Chris Dohr & Bernhard Jarosch: project HEIRS, Austria; Dusty Mancinelli & Madeleine Sims-Fewer & Becky Yeboah: project HONEY BUNCH, Canada; Andre Diwisch & Patrick Hoffmann: project COWBOY KIDS, Germany; Hildegard Ryan & Jason Forde: project FIVE MONTHS GONE, Ireland; Rob Sprackling & Frank Mosvold: project THE LEGEND OF MAGNUS THE GOOD, Norway; Louw Venter & Tassyn Munro: project WITHOUT WHICH NOT, South Africa; Ann Hawker & Shelagh McLeod: project AN AUSTRIAN HOLIDAY, UK; Jennifer Westcott & Victoria Westcott: project THROWBACK THURSDAY, Canada; Lukas Rinker & Tonio Kellner: project PAWS, Germany; Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair & Claire Mc Cabe: project THE HIVE, Ireland; Ida Eldøen & Bente Maalen: project RECYCLED, Norway; Luca Nappa & Lionelle Galloppa: project DEEP SOUTH, UK


The JETS Initiative takes place every year during the International Film Festival in Berlin and the EFM Market in Germany. Applications are accepted from late summer onwards in the current year for next years JETS Event. Please be aware that only filmmakers from those countries that are officially stated in our JETS Initiative guidelines can be selected for participation. Here the following countries who are involved on a regular basis: Canada, Germany, Ireland, UK, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, South-Africa and the USA. If you think you qualify to participate, please contact us through our contact form.

    Funders & Supporters of JETS Initiative

    Telefilm Canada
    Fis Eireann
    Nord Media
    Hessen Film
    Austrian Film Institute
    NL Film Fonds
    FFF Bayern
    Directors UK
    Cape Town & Western Cape Film & Media Promotion
    Freie Hansestadt Bremen
    Govenment 0f Canada
    Embassy of Ireland