JETS Filmverleih & Vertrieb (Distribution)

The JETS Filmverleih & Vertrieb (Distribution) was founded at the beginning of 2020 to provide a distribution platform in the German-speaking territory for the diverse film projects of the JETS Co-production Initiative and their filmmakers. As part of a collaboration with the production company WEP Productions, JETS Distribution is involved in national and international film projects.




YOU WILL REMEMBER ME is the result of my meeting with François Archambault’s exceptional text. Reading it for the first time, tears came to my eyes. I was taken in by the beauty of his language, the richness of his themes and the power of his emotion. A feeling of euphoria immediately came over me and the desire to share what I felt became unstoppable. The film project was born.

It had been since SUR LE SEUIL, almost twenty years ago, that I had not worked on a screenplay. Diving in again came with its share of worry and anguish. But I was comforted by the idea that from my first reading, a very clear vision of the film had imposed itself on me. So, I followed this path, returning regularly to everything that had so seduced me in the original text and letting it inspire me at each step of film production.

I saw a great dramatic and narrative potential in this improbable meeting between two characters, two people completely opposite from each other - Édouard and Bérénice - but which in the end prove to be each other’s salvation. I liked that, from this meeting, sprang a "whole greater than the sum of its parts", a kind of salute of enlightenment that embraces and transcends the whole story.

I liked the tone of the story, its particular blend of humour and drama. Besides, in life, isn't it often a good reflex to use a little humour to try and understand the most difficult situations?

I hope that the film carries part of this beauty and that it finds its way through to you.



CHAINED, written/directed by Titus Heckel, is a psychological crime thriller that explores toxic masculinity and the cycle of abuse. It stars breakout lead Marlon Kazadi (CHILD’S PLAY, GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE), fan favourite Aleks Paunovic (VAN HELSING, SNOWPIERCER) and the Canadian Screen Award-winning Adrian Holmes (V-WARS, ELYSIUM).

CHAINED was awarded Best BC Film at the 2020 Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards as well as Canada's "One To Watch" for Titus Heckel. The film also received nominations for Best Canadian Screenplay, Best Canadian Actor (Marlon Kazadi), and two for Best Canadian Supporting Actor (Aleks Paunovic and Adrian Holmes). The film was also only one of nine feature films selected for the 2021 Canadian Film Fest, a showcase of the best in Canadian film, which took place in early April 2021. The film received three 2021 Leo Award nominations for Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor and Best Casting and was a Best Film Finalist at the New York International Film Awards – April 2021 with Aleks Paunovic winning Best Actor, Marlon Kazadi winning Best Young Actor and Rachelle Chartrand winning Best Producer.

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Edouard, a public figure and retired history teacher, is slowly losing his memory. Accustomed to speaking in public, he has to keep a low profile, even if he believes he still has a lot to say. And since no one can look after him, he is placed in the care of Bérénice, a young girl who is a little rebellious and lost. Their encounter leads Edouard to revisit a chapter of his personal history that he wanted to forget, and Bérénice to find meaning in her life.


Taylor, a 13-year-old abused boy, discovers and befriends Jim, a criminal chained in an abandoned warehouse. At first Taylor, a budding organic gardener, takes care of Jim, but after a brutal betrayal Taylor begins to abuse his prisoner in order to find out where Jim has hidden stolen money. Taylor dreams of using the money to buy an organic farm with his girlfriend Nora, escaping his abusive home life.


You Will Remember Me
My Pretend Fiance