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The JETS Initiative 2022 will take place from the 22nd until 25th of February as an Online event. We like to thank all filmmakers who have submitted their film projects for the 6th round of the JETS Initiative. After reviewing the submitted projects, we are proud to announce the following JETS 2022 Initiative participants and projects:

  1. THE LAST ISLAND (Director: Reinhold Bilgeri ; Producer: Elly Senger-Weiss), Austria
  2. REUNION (Director: Michael Ramsauer; Producer: Constanze Schumann), Austria
  3. MISSION GRANNY (Andreas Schmied; Producer: Loredana Rehekampff, Dunja Bernatzky), Austria
  4. DRACU (Director: Marc Schlegel; Producer: Lola Basara, Peter Hengl), Austria
  5. BOILING POINT (Director: Ambrose Okundaye ; Producer: Kate Kroll), Canada
  6. SOMETHING LIKE TRUTH (Director: Jim Donovan; Producer: Byron Martin, Maryse Rouillard), Canada
  7. SUPERLUMINAL (Director: Kristina Wagenbauer; Producer: Jeane-Marie Poulain), Canada
  8. QUEEN MAEVE ( Director: Barb Taylor; Producer: Deborah Devgan), Canada
  9. THE DEADLINE (Director: Mark Waters ; Producers: Konstantin Korenchuk, Simon Pilarski), Germany
  10. LYRA’S WISH (Director: Juliane Block ; Producer: Wolf-Peter Arand), Germany/UK
  11. ARGUMENT FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THE ISALND SAUDADIA (Director: Constantin Maier ;  Producer: Constantin Maier), Germany
  12. THE WINTER WHORE (Writer: Peter Clotten ; Producer: Cedar Wolf), Germany
  13. BULLETS & POPCORN (Director: Eva Vazquez de Reoyo ; Producer: Béatrice Steimer), Germany
  14. DUCK DUCK GOOSE ( Director: Claire Byrne ; Producer: Jo Halpin), Ireland
  15. HIT WHERE IT HURTS ( Director: Roisín Geraghty; Producer: Raisín Geraghty), Ireland
  16. THE WALL DOG ( Director: Josephine Lohoar Self ; Producer: Carla Mooney), Ireland 
  17. THE MOONHONEY HOTEL (Director: Eamonn Murphy ; Producer: Quintin Ahern), Ireland 
  18. DOLOLO ( Director: Kgosi Cheone ; Producer: Mari Molefe van Heerden), South Africa
  19. INYANGA (Director: Josh Ackermann; Producer: Shaun Naidoo), South Africa
  20. KING DOG (Director: Brad Katzen ; Producer: Tumisho Masha), South Africa
  21. EXTRAVAGANT WAYS TO SAY GOODBYE (Director: Liese Kuhn ; Producer: Carolyn Carew), South Africa
  22. AVA ( Director: Alex Barrett ; Producer: Alistair Audsley), UK
  23. LOYALTY ( Director: Jo Southwell ; Producer: Rachel Gold), UK
  24. THE EMPTY SPACE INSIDE MY HEART ( Director: Tim Courtney ; Producer: John McKay), UK
  25. PROPER CHARLIE (Director: Veronica McKenzie ; Producer: Natalie Edward-Yesufu), UK