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The JETS Initiative 2023 will take place on the 21st & 22nd of February as a Live event during the 73rd International Filmfestival Berlin. We like to thank all filmmakers who have submitted their film projects for the 7th round of the JETS Initiative. After reviewing the submitted projects, we are proud to announce the following JETS 2023 Initiative participants:

Manuel Wetscher & Chris Dohr, Project HEIRS, Austria

Alexandra Makarová & Arash Riahi, Project PERLA, Austria

Gabe Gabriel & Shant Joshi, Project GRANNY LEE, Canada

Dusty Mancinelli & Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Project HONEY BUNCH, Canada

Jennifer Westcott & Victoria Westcott, Project THROWBACK THURSDAY, Canada

Patricia Chica & Byron A. Martin, Project WOLVERINE HOTEL, Canada

Joachim Neef & Stefanos Dimitriadis, Project CLARA, Germany

Andre Diwisch & Patrick Hoffmann, Project COWBOY KIDS, Germany

Dirk Michael Häger, Project LOVELY LETHAL LADIES, Germany

Christoph Holsten & Matthias Schuart, Project NEVERLAND, Germany

Lukas Rinker & Tonio Kellner, Project PAWS, Germany

Patrick McGivney & Robert Higgins, Project BONFIRE, Ireland

Hildegard Ryan & Jason Forde, Project FIVE MONTHS GONE, Ireland

Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair & Claire Mc Cabe, Project THE HIVE, Ireland

Robert Kelly & Sinead Maria Ni Mhurchu, Project THE RAVENING, Ireland

Rob Sprackling & Barbie Heusinger, Project THE LEGEND OF MAGNUS THE GOOD, Norway

Natalia Bratli & Frank Mosvold, Project MAGICAL FRIENDS, Norway

Ida Eldøen & Bente Maalen, Project RECYCLED, Norway

Caroline Doherty & Benjamin Maier, Project MANNA, South Africa

Sanele Zulu & Stephen Lorenzo, Project SPINNING IN THE GRAVE, South Africa

Louw Venter & Tassyn Munro, Project WITHOUT WHICH NOT, South Africa

Ann Hawker & Shelagh McLeod, Project AN AUSTRIAN HOLIDAY, UK

Luca Nappa & Lionelle Galloppa, Project DEEP SOUTH, UK

Shan Ng & Robert Williams, Project SECOND FIRST LOVE, UK

Carolyn Saunders, Project STARFIGHTER BABY, UK